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Composite scores decline for last graduating class

Posted: September 25, 2012 - 1:51pm

SAT composite scores of 2012 graduating seniors dropped compared to the 2011 graduating class, according to data released Monday by The College Board.

Nationwide, the mean scores for public school students dropped one point each in math and writing and two points in critical reading, resulting in a four-point drop in the average composite score, from 1481 to 1477. Decreases in scores were also seen on the state and local levels.

South Carolina public school students’ mean scores in critical reading and writing dropped two points each and one point in math. The average composite score dropped from 1427 to 1422.

On average, public school students in Aiken and Edge-field counties also saw a decrease in average composite scores, however, each county still performed better than the state average.

Aiken County Public Schools saw a drop in average composite score from 1448 to 1438. Mean scores in critical reading and writing dropped five points each and the mean score for math dropped one point.

Two of the county’s schools – Midland Valley and South Aiken high schools – saw an increase in scores from 1437 to 1489 and from 1461 to 1490, respectively. North Augusta High School’s average composite score dropped from 1438 to 1409.

Edgefield County School District also saw a drop in average composite score, from 1466 to 1454. Mean scores in critical reading and math dropped six points each. However, the district saw a one point increase in mean scores in writing.

To view SAT results by the state, district and school levels, visit www.ed.sc.gov .


*Below-average composite scores are for 2012 graduating seniors in public school

Nationwide: 1477

South Carolina: 1422

Aiken County: 1438

North Augusta High School: 1409

Edgefield County: 1454

Fox Creek High School: 1428

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