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RECing Crew presents awards to members

Posted: May 27, 2014 - 2:57pm
Zack Wilke with some of the medals he received at the RECing Crew's awards ceremony.  SPECIAL
Zack Wilke with some of the medals he received at the RECing Crew's awards ceremony.

The RECing Crew honored 148 members during its annual awards ceremony May 13 for their participation in the following programs: Alley Cats (Bowling), Art-ability Studio (Art & Music), Ballet Tout le Monde, Jazzercise, Miracle League and T-RecS (Baseball and Basketball) during the organization’s 2013-2014 season. More than 350 awards were given.

• Award winners: Hana Acevedo, Lauren Allen, Robert Anderson, Deon Baker, Marie Baker, Donna Barnett, Hunter Barnes, Claudia Barreto, Devin Baxley, Montiel Baynham, Jason Bickley, Nikole Boswell, Annie Bowman, Michael Bradley, MaryAnn Paula Brockington, Noah Brooks, Monique Brudi, Jesse Burnette, Phillip Butler, Jackie Cannon, CeCe Clarey, Stephen Clarke, Debbie Collins, Dallas Cook, Jonathan Copper, Matthew Copper, Joyce Corley, Keith Cooley Nathan Creech, Anna Cripps, Kim Culbertson, Nathan Custodial, Duncan Courtney, Randy Dansby, Fred Davis, Connie Demas, Taylor DiCono, Katie Dooley, Margaret Faile, William Feldman, Patrick Fleming, Lee Fogle, Shannon Fredericks, Brian Free, Lea Freeman, Cassie Frick, Lauren Frick, Kit Frick, Chloe Garza-Smock, Krystle Gardner, Toni Goings, Robin Gregory, Benjamin Grist, Buddy Grist, Chris Grubbs, Ivory Gwyn, Clifford Hancock, Joey Hartzog, DeeDee Hartzog, Matthew Haupfear, Stanley Hawes Jr., Teresa Heaton, Matt Henning, Billy Hitchens, Nicholas Holsten, Angela Humphries, Brett Holtzclaw, David Ice, Sharnese Ingram, Martha Jennings, Carson Jones, Cameron Jones, Tyler Kaney, Rachel Kneece, Florence Koss, Kaitlyn Law, Jeanie Leavitt, Lynette Lemon, Alexandria Lutrell, Kristen Marchant, Taryn Marks, Tres Marks, Paul Markwalter, Marie Mattox, Tieare McCain, Marcus McCoy, Terrance McCoy, Cassie McCullough, Lisa McIlverid, Cynthia McKinney, Gertie McMillan, Allison Meyer, Jim Miller, Gerald Mitchell, Shawn Mock, Katie Monahan, Rodney Moss, Joshua Murphy, Joseph Nolan, Demeadra Obi, Trey Odom, Beth Orr, Jalen Owens, Gabriella Paczynski, Kevin Paxton, Andrew Perry, Frankie Phillips, Alex Poon, Catherine Pope, Chris Powell, Kelly Redd, Cathy Rice, Bridget Riley, Jason Roberts, Antionio Rodriguez, Trey Ruczko, Varum Sethi, Matt Sherman, Belinda Smith, Teagan Smith, Katie Steele, Jonathan Stephens, Anita Stevens, Stephen Stickler, Scott Stone, Chloe Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Gary Trawick, Johnny Turner, Sandra Turner, Marie Viger, Linda Vincent, Rachel Walters, Joshua Washington, Bill Weeks, Megan Weeks, Angela Whaley, Zack Wilkie, Eldora Williams, Keyvunta ‘Trey’ Williams, Robert Winters, Sherry Wise, Larry Wise and Owen Zylla.

• Volunteers Marie Green and Peg Monahan received the 2014 Honoria Poon Award. Both are active in planning and promoting the organization’s programs.

Impressions of the South was also recognized by receiving the Patron of the Year Award for its support, participation and interest in the organization and its efforts.

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