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Faith Poem: Imagine This

Posted: July 16, 2013 - 9:51am
Billy Arrington
Billy Arrington

In my imagination I could hear God speaking clear

As he looked down from the heavens to those he held so dear

And then he spoke to Jesus as he sat near to his side

We need a plan to change their ways and their sins we need to hide

For sin cannot be covered, it must be washed away

By blood as pure as the driven snow, that is the only way

And Jesus said I’m ready, if my destiny is to die

Then they looked into the future and they both began to cry

That cross then loomed before them with agony, hate and scorn

And it held the beloved Son of God, wounded, weary and worn

But then they saw much farther for they saw the open grave,

Amazing grace came to life, God’s love for man displayed

And that old rugged cross makes the difference

For it’s there God’s plan was conceived

From love he stands there pleading

Saying won’t you please believe

And in my imagination, I could hear God speak to me

Please go and tell my story, that all may then believe

And tell them, Gaze at that cross, and at that empty grave

I loved them so, I gave my life and their sins I then forgave

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