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Driving tour app to be enhanced

Posted: June 4, 2013 - 12:37pm

The Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta will have a new add-on in July to accompany its Historic North Augusta Driving Tour app through OnCell.

The center recently won a free year-long subscription to OnCell’s Quest program that will enhance the user’s experience on the driving tour, said Lauren Virgo, the center’s executive director.

“Quest is an add-on to the iPhone app. It’ll make it like a scavenger hunt, so you’ll get riddles. It’s a combination of geocaching with a scavenger hunt with a history tour,” she said. “It’s a way to make learning history dynamic and fun for the whole family.”

The Arts and Heritage Center debuted the driving- tour app last July after receiving a free six-month subscription donation from one of its board members.

The Heritage Council of North Augusta agreed to sponsor the app for 2013 so that will continue to be available, said Virgo.

“We really thank them for their support,” she said, noting that the driving tour app was based on the history tour the Heritage Council had developed in the past. “It’s been a fun and exciting cooperative effort.”

The driving tour consists of about 50 historical sites in North Augusta. Details on which and how many sites will be included in the Quest feature is still being determined, said Virgo.

The center plans to debut the new feature July 13 during its fourth birthday celebration.

Having access to this new feature is one more way to reach more people and get them involved in local history, said Virgo.

“History really needs to be integrated with technology. So many people experience the world through iPhones, tablets and Web browsers,” she said. “History can be fun and exciting, and I think once you integrate it with technology then you have those two worlds coming together.”


WHAT: What’s In Your Attic? Assessment event

DESCRIPTION: Guest assessors will evaluate items including jewelry, pottery, silver, art, coins, stamps, bottles and fruit jars.

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta, 100 Georgia Ave.

COST: Free, $5 per item

OTHER: Proceeds will go toward maintaining the subscription for the driving tour app

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