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Sunday alcohol sales on ballot

Posted: October 30, 2012 - 2:53pm  |  Updated: November 5, 2012 - 9:01pm


North Augusta voters will decide Tuesday if the city will allow Sunday alcohol sales.

In July, city council voted 5-2 in favor of an ordinance to place the referendum before voters on Tuesday’s ballot.

The referendum came after Rep. Bill Hixon, R-North Augusta, introduced bill H. 5098 in March to allow municipalities to place the question on ballots during county, state and presidential elections.

The bill was co-sponsored by fellow house members Bill Clyburn, D-Aiken, Jim Harrison, R-Columbia, Roland Smith, R-Warrenville, and Bill Taylor and Tom Young, Republicans from Aiken.

Gov. Nikki Haley signed the bill in June.

If the referendum passes, it will allow restaurants, grocery and convenience stores the option to obtain a permit to sell alcohol on Sundays.

For Aiken County sample ballots, go to www.aikencountysc.gov. For Edgefield County ballots, go to www.edgefieldcounty.sc.gov.


“Shall the South Carolina Department of Revenue be authorized to issue temporary permits in the City of North Augusta for a period not to exceed 24 hours to allow the possession, sale and consumption of alcoholic liquors by the drink to bonafide non-profit organizations and business establishments authorized to be licensed for consumption-on-premises sales and to allow the sale of beer and wine at permitted off-premises locations without regard to the days or hours of sales?”



North Augusta voters have more than just the question of Sunday alcohol sales to consider in this election. The ballot for the general election also includes an Aiken County referendum.

Aiken County referendum (as it appears on the ballot)

“Should the form of Aiken County’s government be changed from that of a Council/Administrator form of government as set forth in South Carolina Code of Laws Title 4, Chapter 9, Article 7 (1976, as amended) to that of a Council/Manager form of government as set forth in South Carolina Code of Laws Title 4, Chapter 9, Article 9 (1976, as amended)?”

Statewide Constitution Amendment (as it appears on the ballot)

“Beginning with the general election of 2018, must Section 8 of Article IV of the Constitution of this State be amended to provide that the Lieutenant Governor must be elected jointly with the Governor in a manner prescribed by law; and upon the joint election to add Section 37 to Article III of the Constitution of this State to provide that the Senate shall elect from among the members thereof a President to preside over the Senate and to perform other duties as provided by law; to delete Section 9 and 10 of Article IV of the Constitution of this State containing inconsistent provisions providing that the Lieutenant Governor is President of the Senate, ex officio, and while presiding in the Senate, has not vote, unless the Senate is equally divided; to amend Section 11 to provide that the Governor shall fill a vacancy in the Office of Lieutenant Governor by appointing a successor with the advice and consent of the Senate; and to amend Section 12 of Article IV of the Constitution of the State to conform appropriate references?”


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