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Religion Poem: Wine Skins

Posted: October 9, 2012 - 11:59am

My hands are uplifted in homage to Him,

They’re not empty.

They hold loosely those sins that cause separation

of His spirit and mine.

Dear Father, take them and fill me with new wine.

The wine skins of my life are brittle and hard,

They can’t hold your new wine because they are marred.

Please replace them with supple new skins

That can be distended again and again.

These wine skins are vessels that hold Your concerns,

Help me remember the things I have learned.

The more I am emptied of selfish desires,

The more You can cleanse me with Your cleansing fire.

You’ll burn away malice, ill-temper and greed,

And open my eyes to Your people in need.

You’ll put unforgiveness also in Your fire,

And fill my heart with the burning desire

To worship, to honor, to praise Your dear name.

Your new wine remakes hearts, they’re never the same.

Take mine, Holy Father, change what you will,

I’m nothing without You, I need You to fill

Each crevice, and corner and nook of my heart.

There’s much to be changed, I’m asking, please start.

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