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Police Bookings

Posted: May 15, 2012 - 4:16pm  |  Updated: May 30, 2012 - 4:28pm

These are the bookings for the North Augusta Department of Public Safety for April 27- May 10. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


Joseph L. Videtto Jr., 18, tampering with a motor vehicle


Ramell J. Williams, 28, possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine

Alfonso Covarrubias-Lo­pez, 30, driving under the influence

Hector Antonio-Ortiz, 28, driving under the influence

Kenneth G. Howle, 52, public intoxication

Brittney Nicole Anderson, 22, driving under suspension

Latara Yevette Hankerson, 33, shoplifting, disorderly conduct


Andrew Dehart Hamilton, 21, public drunk

Johnny Jones, 51, driving under the influence

Daryl Lee Meadows, 31, breach of trust under $2,000

Brittani Elizabeth Burn­side, 21, shoplifting

Teresa Anne Petty, 46, driving under the influence


Amanda Nicole Turner, 20, possession of marijuana

Tyrone Antwan Smith, 27, criminal domestic violence

John Mitchell Syms, 44, public drunk

Peter Michael Daly, driving under the influence, driving under suspension


Willie Sims, 29, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana


Mandie Curtis Widener, 33, two counts of obtaining prescription drugs by fraud


Shaquaria Jenee Hart, 20, shoplifting

Jamaica Michelle Fuewell, 23, shoplifting

Gabriel David Guerrero, 17, grand larceny

Cassandra N. Conway, 33, shoplifting, trespassing after notice

Samantha Greta Boatright, 45, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Danny Jay Osbon, 51, molesting adults and children, public consumption


Glenn Allen McCann, 34, third degree assault and battery

Laurel Michelle Dineen, 41, driving under the influence, no proof of insurance

Jordan A. Williams, 25, driving under the influence, failure to stop for blue lights and siren

Devonn Jamar Williams, 26, unlawful communications

Craig Aaron Aycox, 37, driving under the influence, open container

Charles Leyton Neikirk, 17, public drunk


Christopher Daniel Scheid, 27, driving under suspension, operating an uninsured vehicle, improper vehicle license, no vehicle license

Wendy Ann Wilson, 44, driving under suspension, reckless driving

Kimberly Gail Reddick, 33, driving under the influence

Elton Daniels, 59, driving under the influence, no driver’s license

Nelson Herman Wash­ington, 45, driving under the influence, transporting legal liquor unlawfully

Michelle Lee Marshall, 42, criminal domestic violence

Ian Dean Commission, 51, driving under the influence


Terald D’Eris Barksdale, 21, criminal domestic violence, possession of a stolen pistol


Rebecca Lynn Quinones, 25, driving under suspension


Michael Irving McKie, 32, driving under the influence

Robbie F. Campbell, 56, shoplifting

Michael Anthony Gist, 52, criminal domestic violence

Daryl Lee Meadows, 31, shoplifting

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